The volcano of Krenitsyn.

The Krenitsyn volcano is a unique active volcano, located on the island of Onekotan of the Great Kuril chain. Its approximate height is 1325 meters.

The Krenitsyn volcano is the biggest volcano in a volcano on the Earth!

Named a volcano named seafarer Peter Kuznich Krenitsyn. There is only one historical eruption in 1952. Currently, fumarolic and thermal activity is fixed.

The volcano is in the center of Sakhalin Lake Koltsevoy. This is the deepest and most troubled lake, but at the same time the most beautiful, on the Kuril Islands.

In bad weather, the waves on Lake Koltsev reach a height of three meters. The lake is surrounded by the walls of Caldera, which are covered with flowers of amazing beauty.

The maximum depth of this lake reaches 264 meters. The diameter of the giant caldera cup is more than 7 km., The height of its walls above the lake level reaches 500 m.

The view of the volcano, enveloped in the water evaporation of the lake, seems unreal. The landscape is so beautiful that it seems like it can not exist in nature. The smoke dissipates, and now the waters of the lake startle you with their saturated ultramarine watercolor, reflecting all the surrounding delights of the caldera. At the bottom of the funnel dead silence, and only the sky is reflected in the lake of frightening depth.

Along the narrow coastal strip there are talus of sharp stones that have rolled down from above. On the slopes of the caldera and on the volcano itself bloom geranium, saxifrage measure, bell of the penneliant, and in places – iris. There are flowers of the Phyllododus, rhododendron bushes and dwarf willow. You can imagine how fantastic it is here in the late spring, when against the background of tender green, the pink and purple-violet flowers of the rhododendrons turn their heads towards the avaricious caress of the Kuril sun.

From the slopes of the volcano are visible rugged bays and capes of the coast of Onekotan, Nemo peak volcano, located in the Northern part of the island, the snow-covered peaks of Paramushir. And with its top open to the gaze of the panorama of perfection. Hence the North Kuril  Islands, visible at a glance. And at the bottom somewhere at the bottom of the Caldera, Tao-Rusyr spreading and swirling fog.

Krenitsyn’s volcano is the most beautiful place in the Kuril Islands, it only upsets that it is not available to everyone. Only desperate heads dare to climb to the top of Krenitsyn.

Why, this beautiful place does not let on its peak?

Due to the often bad weather, climbing the Krenitsen volcano is very dangerous. The tops are shrouded in thick fog, frequent rock slips and landslides. But daredevils are everywhere. Those few tourists who visit these regions can not leave without seeing the beauty that opens from the top of the volcano.

You can reach the volcano only by helicopter or fishing seiner. And beyond that, only a rise upward, long and stubborn, despite all the difficulties of the road. The view that opens from the top of Krenitsyn will justify all the risk that will be during the ascent.

Krenitsyn is a unique and amazing place, one such in the whole world and it is located on the territory of Russia, therefore, despite the risk of ascent, this beauty is worth it!

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