The mysterious journey over the Arctic Circle

Once to a friend of mine in Vorkuta came some quests … The city was stuck sad and boring, so it was decided to take off to the north in the direction of the Kara Sea. We failed in search of secret road across the tundra that would have led us to the track gas industry Vorkuta – Bovanenkovo, so we tried to drive through it on legal grounds.

Meanwhile in the region’s district was approved our request to honor the 70th anniversary of Vorkuta and the day of the Navy by making an  auto rally on  Gazprom service road. I agreed with all organizations involved in the construction of the road, the Gazprom gas pipeline and other infrastructure, of which turned out to be a lot of many. I stumbled on the last day before the start of the chief of the Security Service (old bastard), whom is not directly subordinate to anyone … There wasn’t point of return in our way, so we let started without visa.

When traveling through the checkpoint even though the letter was dotted with all seals and stamps of not of the last people in the world, but it was meaningless without the signature of the Security Council ?

However, having driven around the neighborhood we were lucky and we traveled the checkpoint!

Path to the North has been opened for us!

The ritual monument.

At one of the sites of the rally road ran a hare …

When we reached the stone Konstantinov, stopped to rest. Near were the stunning beauty of the lakes.

Bunny was very tasty.

Well, but how without male fun?

While on the lakes  we were announced that before reaching the coast, about 40 km in front of a gas compressor station there is another check point and t’s not the fact that we could be there to pass. It was decided to come back a little bit and go to the waterfalls Halmer-U.

“Normal” men at home, on the couch with the newspaper lie, but those in the middle of the tundra on the autostop. ?

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