The highest monuments of Moscow (photo with drone)

We invite you to a closer look at the famous Moscow monuments that are so ambitious that from the ground the small parts are practically invisible:

1.  The monument to the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin of the work of Paul Bondarenko was established in 1980 to the Moscow Olympics. The monument is made of titanium, which is very symbolic – the metal used in the construction of spaceships. It is said that the place for the monument is also not accidental – on Leninsky Prospekt Yuri Gagarin proceeded to the Kremlin after the solemn meeting at Vnukovo airport. The height of the monument – 42.5 meters, the total weight – 12 tons Gagarin figure is made up of 238 cast segments. The monument to the first cosmonaut of the planet – it’s the world’s first large-sized titanium monument.

2. The bronze figure of Peter I of Zurab Tsereteli – perhaps the most talked metropolitan monument. Established in 1997 on an artificial island in the division of the Moscow River and Vodootvodny channel. The total height of the monument is 98 meters. From the outset, the monument was heavily criticized by the public. Experts spoke about the wrong interpretation of the monument to the elements, its low artistic value and high cost of installation. To estimate it going to committee, organized campaigns to collect signatures for its dismantling. In 2010, once again discussed the possibility of the transfer of the monument, but it turned out that the dismantling would cost Moscow to 1 billion rubles. As a result, he remained in his place.

3. “Worker and Collective Farm Girl” – an outstanding work of sculptor Vera Mukhina, a famous monument of Soviet monumental art and a symbol of “Mosfilm”. The composition was created for the Soviet pavilion at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937. The boy and girl with a hammer and sickle in the hands represent the Soviet working class and collective farmers. The sculpture is made of stainless chromium-nickel steel. The height of the pedestal-hall – 34 meters, the height of the sculpture – 25 meters, the total weight of the monument – 185 tons.

4. Victory Monument on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow was opened May 9, 1995. This is the highest monument in Russia – the height of the obelisk in the form of a bayonet is 141.8 meters (1 decimetre for each day of the war). At an altitude of 104 meters to the stele secured a bronze sculpture of a weight of 25 tons: the goddess of victory Nike, bearing a crown and two cupid, trumpeting the victory. The total weight of the monument – about 1,000 tons. The frame is made from a specially designed steel monument is equipped with dynamic vibration absorbers under the influence of wind.

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