The Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Theatre – (full name: The State, academical, order of Lenin Bolshoi theatre of Russia) — one of the largest in Russia and one of the most important in the world, of opera and ballet theatres, located in the Theatre square in Moscow.

The theater was founded in March 1736, Prince P. V. Urusov, however, the unfinished building was destroyed by fire. The building was completed by english entrepreneur Michael Maddox, the theatre opened on 30 December 1780. The repertoire of the theater was dramatic, opera and ballet performances. The theater building lasted 25 years, and then burned in a fire in 1805. The new building, built under the supervision of Carlo Rossi on Arbat square, also burned down in 1812. In 1821-1825, on the site of the former theatre  was build a new building, increased in size, that’s why is called the Bolshoi (Big) Theatre. After another fire in March of 1853, the building was restored 3 years under the guidance of the architect A. Kavos. During the restoration works, the building was decorated with white stone portico with eight columns and changed other details. The building is crowned by the work of Peter Klodt. Five tiers of the auditorium can accommodate 2,100 spectators. According to its acoustic properties, the Bolshoi theatre is considered one of the best in the world. In addition to opera and ballet performances in the theater conduct important state and public celebration.

In 2005 began large-scale reconstruction of the theatre, which lasted 6 years. Once again the main stage of the country was opened to the public on 28 October 2011. The Bolshoi theatre area has increased twice, there was an underground part that has been reconstructed sound system of the hall, computerized processes scene. The interior of the building was also restored (painting in the White foyer, jacquards and tapestries in the Round hall and Imperial foyer, etc.).

Helpful information
Address Bolshoi Theatre Teatralnaya square, 1
Phone (499) 250-73-17 single reference
Work schedule Monday 11:00-20:00Tuesday 11:00-20:00

Wednesday 11:00-20:00

Thursday 11:00-20:00

Friday 11:00-20:00

Saturday 11:00-20:00

Sunday 11:00-20:00

The cost of the ticket 40 – 8000 RUB (0.6 $ – 125 $)
Official website
How to get to Bolshoi theatre
Metro “Teatralnaya”, “Okhotny Ryad”
Bus 12 (bus stop Theatre)
Trolley 2, 12, 33 (bus stop Theatre)

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