Sokolniki Park in Moscow

Sokolniki Park is a complex of parks and natural culture. A great place to stroll on a summer day at the Lilac garden, admire the flowers in Small and Large Rosarium (open from 1 may to 15 September) or just sit in silence on one of the 8 paths of the Park.

Walkway from the main entrance to the Sokolniki Park in Moscow leads to the Fountain square, forming a circle, where is ice skating in the winter. From the Central circle like the sun radiate eight avenues. On the first and third alley planted with birch, the second — elms, on the fourth — maples, etc., every alley has its decoration. Some alleys covered with asphalt for biking.

Rest in Sokolniki Park

Sokolniki is a wonderful place for a family vacation activity for everyone. The Park opened a bicycle rental, bike-cars, scooters and rollers. On weekends and holidays operates Veranda dancing. Dance program begins at 12:00 and continues until 20:30. For fans of the game of chess it’s open chess and checkers club. Winter in Sokolniki Park poured a large ice rink, open to all comers. There are huge artificial ice rink “Ice skating which paid for the children and beneficiaries — from 150 roubles, for adults — from 250 rubles.

Also, the Park hosts concerts and exhibitions. Near Golden pond is a playground with exercise equipment, nearby tennis tables and a playground for badminton. Children could be taken on rides or in the Panda Park, where they can climb on trees and hanging structures.

Currently, work on the landscaping of the Park, plans to complete the renovation by 2016.

Video skating rink in Sokolniki Park, winter Park

Helpful information
Address Sokolniki Park 5th Luchevoi Prosek, Mr. Sokolniki, Moscow
The mode of operation of the recreation Park Sokolniki Daily 8:00-23:00.Guide tours: sat-sun 13:00-15:00
The cost of the ticket free
Official site of Sokolniki Park in Moscow
How to get to Sokolniki Park in Moscow
Metro Sokolniki Station
Bus The 5th Luchevoi Prosek Stop – 140
Taxi The 5th Luchevoi Prosek Stop – 727м

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