Russian winter: 30 most beautiful places in our country. Part II (19 photos)

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Sverdlovsk Oblast’, Urals: Mount Kachkanar, Aramilsky pond. Average temperature: -8 ° C -10 ° C

Kachkanar is one of the peaks of the Middle Urals in Sverdlovsk Oblast’.

Kachkanar is one of the peaks of the Middle Urals in Sverdlovsk Oblast’, with an altitude above the sea level of 887,6 m. Mountain Kachkanar is a part of the eponymous mountain range in the northern part of the Middle Urals, on the right Bank of the river Isa. The mountain has flat slopes partially covered with pine forests. There are many cliffs located on the slopes and the tops. The most famous one is the Camel cliff, located near the only Buddhist monastery in Shad Tchup Ling, which is also located on the hillside. There is a small lake on one of the slopes. The ski lodge “Mountain Kachkanar” is located on the eastern slope of the mountain.

Main Urals ridge

The mountain chain in the Northern Urals with a length of about 40 km in North – South direction. The width of the ridge varies from 5 to 10 km. The highest point is Mount Gumboldt – 1410,7 m. The average altitude is 1000 m. The surrounding area is located on the altitudes of 400-500m and is mainly a rugged swamped taiga.

The forest boundary is at an altitude of 800-900 m, and higher the ridge is completely covered with screes. There is also a small plateau, overgrown with moss and dwarf plants.
From the west adjoins ridge Kvarkush, with the famous Zhigalanskimi waterfals, from the east – Denezhkin Stone Reserve. The north-eastern slopes Guha also belong territorially to the reserve.

Primorsky Kray, Khasan district. Average temperature: -9 ° C -15 ° C.

Приморский край, Хасанский район Средняя температура: −9°C −15°C зима, красота России

Khasan district is located in the extreme south of Primorsk Kray, stretching from south to north in a narrow strip along the western coast of the Amur Bay and the Gulf of Peter the Great. The district includes more than 20 islands and islets, located near the coast.

The Black Mountain ridge stretches along the western border, passing to the north in the mountainous plateau Borisov. The highest point is mount Vysotnaya, with an altitude of 966 min the origins of river Narva.

Karelia: Kuito Lake, river Ladoga. Average temperature: -9 -13 ° C

Lake Kuyta

Ladoga lake

Ladoga lake, in Republic of Karelia (north and east coast) and Leningrad Oblast’ (western, southern and south-eastern shore) is one of the largest freshwater lake in Europe.

Komi Republic Average temperature: -10 ° C -13 ° C

The Republic is located in the north-east of the European part of Russia, within the limits of Pechora and Mezensko-Vychegodskaya lowlands, Middle and South Tima, the western slopes of the Ural Mountains (Northern, Polar and Polar Urals). The territory of the republic extends from the northern ridges in the south to the Pai-Khoi in the northeast, from Pinego-Mezensky interfluve in the west to the watershed basins of rivers Pechora and Ob, flowing through the Ural Mountains in the east.

Kamchatka. Average temperature: -10 ° C -15 ° C

Few words are enough to describe Kamchatka and the reasons you should come for a visit: here everything is different! More than three hundred years passed since the first Cossack fort was laid in Kamchatka – but to this day it still remains unbowed.

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