Lobnoye Mesto

Lobnoye Mesto (Head Place) – a monument of ancient architecture, located on Red Square. It is an elevation, surrounded by a stone wall, is intended for the announcement of the royal decrees and other special public events. Contrary to legend, Lobnoye Mesto, except in the rarest of cases, was not a place of punishment, but considered holy.

In the annals the Lobnoye Mesto was first mentioned in 1549: here the twenty years old, Tsar Ivan the Terrible had spoken to the people, calling for the reconciliation of warring boyars. Initially, Lobnoye Mesto was a platform made of bricks with wooden lattice. Having undergone renovation, today it is – an elevated platform surrounded by a stone railing. In the western part there is the entrance with iron bars and door, 11 steps lead to the upper platform.

Useful information

How to get to the Lobnoye Mesto:

  • Metro Station of:  “Borovitskaya”, “Library Lenin”, “Alexandrovsky Garden”, “Arbat”, “Theatre”, “Revolution Square”, “Okhotny Ryad”
  • Bus: 25 (stop Red Square)
  • Trolleybus: 8 (stop Red Square)


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