Little River – an island of happiness

Why so little river touched the soul?

Maybe because they are like springs and express the beginning, the birth of something big:large rivers, seas and oceans.

Little River – Little Homeland.

Little River is really similar to the springs. Beach with green grass and trees are reflected in them, like a wash in clean water.

Good poets have noticed:
“Even in bad weather hour mental / bitterness into sweetness turn the river” (Anatoly Bolutenko).

And it becomes very good in fact, after talking to a small river.

Maybe the fact that a surprisingly small river proportionate to man.

After all, a small river reminds man of his childhood.

The bends of the river are so similar to a winding destiny of man.

Looking at the river twists and turns, we think about the future.

Water – the element of light.

Even without sinking into it, just looking at the flowing water, we are cleansed and protects from the action of the dark forces.

Let’s walk through the small river.

We enjoy the beauty, take some rest, grow in forces, obtain peace of mind.

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