«Kemp» opens up the new season

Tourists planning to celebrate the New Year in the region of Elbrus, can drive to their vacation spot on the new road. Due to the renovated federal highway, getting to the ski slopes and the closest to them hotel Kemp, will be quick and comfortable.

This year due to the heavy snowfall, the ski season at the resort has opened unprecedentedly early. On November 19 the first ski trail has been opened. Considering the opening in the region of Elbrus of the highest ski area in Europe and the ski lift to the level of 3847 meters, the duration of the ski season at the resort has increased significantly.

Last year the record for the duration of skiing was set here: the resort was visited for about 190 thousand tourists from all over the country and from abroad. This year the attendance at the resorts in the region is expected to grow by 20-25%. Elbrus is considered the pearl of the Caucasus Mountains. The resort is one of the three largest ski regions in Russia and traditionally is in the 5-Top most popular ski resorts in the country. Thanks to Elbrus’s complex modernization program, the resort is developing rapidly and corresponds today to the European level, which has long become popular among both, beginners and experienced skiers.

On the development of the infrastructure of the resorts has been directed a lot of effort. Every year, new facilities and leisure services are introduced. The administration of Federal highways «Kavkaz» of the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) completes the overhaul of the road of federal importance A-158, from the village of Elbrus to Azau Meadow. The major overhaul of the bridge on the 71st km of the highway has been already completed and at this time the temporary bypass road is being removed. The constructors plan to complete the overhaul of the bridge on the 89th km of the highway and thus open the traffic before the end of the year.

In the closest village to the ski slopes, Terskol, on the renovated federal road, the newly opened hotel «Kemp» greets its guests. The advantage of this hotel consists in the low cost rooms and the convenient location. At the service of the guests there is a bar with self-catering kitchen, where one can eat and get some refreshments after an active day in the mountains, as well as a sauna, where tourists can warm up and tone up the body. The hotel is suitable for both, families and young companies as well. All guests are greeted with a traditional Caucasian genuine hospitality.

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