“Imperial yachts” museum

“Imperial yachts” museum (Petergof, Russia) — expositions, opening hours, address, contacts, official website.

The magnificent Petergof is always so crowded that it seems difficult for anyone to move around, a great deal of visitors come all year round to witness one of the most beautiful royal residences in Europe. It looks like nowhere else, on the whole territory of Petergof, you would find a place for hiding from the discordant crowds, flashing cameras and stories of tour guides. Notwithstanding all this, there are a few secluded places, which are unknown to the masses. The “Imperial yachts” museum is one of them. It is located in a picturesque corner, not far from the Gulf of Finland, in the Lower Park. The collection is dedicated to Petergof too, although the city here is not represented as famous as in the summer marine residence of the Russian emperors.


The lovely white and yellow building of the museum is decorated with sea flags and stands not far from the spot where once was a special dock equipped specially for the yachts of the autocrats.

The house where the collection was exhibited, was renovated in 2004, thus it now looks very fresh and elegant. The museum attracts the visitors’ attention with a very intriguing collection, although it is not the largest one. Some exhibits are very unique.

You can see there displayed such articles as the skipper jacket and the overcoat of the great reformer, who loved selflessly the sea and ships – Peter the Great. The uniformed dress of the empress Catherine II is also a part of the collection.

In fact, there is a lot more here connected to Peter I, such as the model of the famous small boat, built by the own hands of an autocrat, according to his drawings. Traditionally the visitor’s attention is attracted by the yacht “Shtandard”, which once belonged to the Emperor Nicholas II. This ship, created according to the latest technology in shipbuilding, was designated for surfing the boundless ocean. Besides this, there are some other models and drawings of famous ships for you to see.

In addition, the museum exhibits a multitude of unique old photos of sailors, yacht captains and, of course, photos of the emperors themselves.

Helpful information

Address: Petergof, Lower park. Website

How to get:  from the Grand Cascade, go straight along the Sea canal to the coast of the Gulf of Finland, the museum is located next to the meteors’ dock.

Opening hours: during the summer time only, from 10.30 AM to 6.00 PM (last admission at 5.00 PM).

Admission fee: 150 RUB (∼2.5 $), children under 16 – free entrance. Prices are listed for August 2016.


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