Baku ancient – Baku modern

During Soviet times, Baku was laid far to the south, on the border with mysterious Persia, which is now called Iran.

Visit this city in the distant socialist past, I did not succeed, and after the collapse of our country there is not drawn at all. But in the autumn of 2016 came the moment when I decided to correct this omission.

Baku, without a doubt, an ancient city, it was founded in the IX century, but ancient architecture was preserved there in a very small volume, and on a small patch – in the old town, which is called the Fortress Icheri Sheher.

Here you can see the most interesting – The city walls, Shirvanshidov Palace, symbol of the city – the Maiden Tower, several old mosques and a very authentic old neighborhoods.

And around the fortress stretches a very different city that delights its modern style silhouettes. Baku is actively built, once it is clear that petrodollars are flowing in the right direction.

Three Flame Towers as if hovering over the city, this is definitely dominant, there is laid a cable car that runs very often. But on the way to the towers arranged an amazing observation deck, where you can admire the city from the sea.

In general, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times about this wonderful place!

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