Autumn walk on the Grand Canyon of Crimea

Autumn is always an interesting time for color photography.

“In crimson and gold clad forests” you want to take pictures indefinitely for a long time. Choose the best of the best pictures is very difficult. For example, I chose the last trip on 14.10.07 from the village of Sokolinoye along the bottom of Grand Canyon and return to the village of Sokolinoye on the port side (at the top) of the canyon for one light day (from 10-00 to 17-00). The route is 20 km in length. I invite you to walk virtually with me and my friends on this difficult and difficult route and admire the beauty of the Crimean forest and the stark picturesque Canyon. It is, no doubt, worth it.

In the morning from Sokolinoye village to Canyon arrived by shuttle bus. We cut the route by 5 km. Beauty began right on road.

There are many stairs on the trail. And roots too.

Stop at the Post Oak. Some letters have been read. They write almost the same thing as 25 years ago.
In the photo the author of the project.

Here the main route begins. Ahead one of the capes GC (Grand Canyon of Crimea)

Autumn in every photo.

Water is available in small quantities.

All the charm of autumn and canyon.

At the spring of Paniya. One of the deepest in the Crimea, even in late autumn.

Moving on slippery stones, They are perfectly polished by water.

Passage over the Bath of Youth is not easy due to slippery stones.

One of the capes behind the Bath of Youth rises like an impregnable tower.

The rocks rise over the bottom of the canyon about to 250-300 m.

The spring pleased us with the purest water.

It is necessary to strain.

Autumn leaves in the purest water.

Fallen trees are not an obstacle.

Obstacles on the route along the bottom of the canyon can not be counted.

Beauty at every turn.

Another climbing along logs and stones.

The bottom extends. Come to the headers of the canyon.

The first photo after “creeping out” from the gorge to the vastness of valleys and forests.

Here it is autumn in all its glory.

The view of the canyon from the top point is impressive.

The colors of autumn are unsurpassed.

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