Alexander garden

Alexandrovsky sad (Alexander garden) is located in Moscow, North-West of the Kremlin, on the territory of 10 hectares, not far from Red Square to the Kremlin embankment.

Gardens (Upper, Middle and Lower) was divided by decree of Alexander I during the rebuilding of the city after the devastation in 1812. The gardens called “the Kremlin’s” and were built from 1820 to 1823 years by the architect Osip Bove, who signed in this place the river Neglinka in the pipe and removed under the ground. In 1856 the gardens were renamed Alexander.

Today, the garden is usually called in the singular, but the boundaries between the Upper, Middle and Lower gardens are still clearly visible.

In 1872, in pavilions specially raised in the garden, was the Polytechnic exhibition. The upper garden is known for its grotto, built as a reminder of the war of 1812, he laid the debris of Moscow buildings destroyed by Napoleon’s soldiers. At the entrance to the garden from the Kremlin passage and the Historical Museum there are iron gates, covered with symbols of victory. In the Average garden are located the offices of the Moscow Kremlin museums. The lower garden was formed last (1823), there are no walking lanes, and he is currently closed to visitors.

Exit the metro station “Aleksandrovsky sad” is located on the territory of the garden.

Helpful information

How to get to Aleksandrovsky sad
Metro “Alexander garden”
Bus 6 (stop Borovitskaya square)
Trolley 1, 33 (stop Borovitskaya square)

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