Hello everybody! 

Let us introduce the Russia – the way we see it. There’s no politics – just people, just places… Please feel free to visit virtually (and not only) Russia.


Russia is a country on the EurAsian continent. It shares borders with 18 countries and it is the longest border in the world. Russia consists of 46 regions, 22 internal republics, 9 territories, 5 autonomous regions and 3 federal cities. Many significant for the Russia places, known throughout the world, are: Baikal Lake, ancient Arch-aim, the Ural Mountains, fabulous Altai and the heart of the country – Kremlin.

The most famous and important museums: the Hermitage and Russian Museum in the northern capital, Pushkin and the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Of the known attractions is a huge statue of the monument – Motherland in Volgograd on Mamayev HillLena Pillars – rock formations on the shore of the river of the same name, in Yakutia. Peerless beauty preserves – Taganay Park and Pechora-Ilych. Historical and spiritual place – Korennaya Pustyn and Kizhi. Active volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka and the deepest well in the world.