10 Russia’s most beautiful roads

Faithful iron horse and flat strip of asphalt under the wheels – what else can dream an avid traveler? Sometimes, however, you can close your eyes even at the absence of a second, in the case where the beauty spread out to the sides and in front of nature covers all the inconvenience of road irregularities.

Perhaps you’ve seen lists of the most beautiful roads around the world and dreamed of one day for them to ride. But few people know that a truly scenic route is also in Russia. Combining the most remote areas of our country, they pass through dense forests, endless steppes and severe taiga. Try to drive through each of them, and you’re up to the end of life to provide itself with unforgettable impressions of these kinds of trails surrounding landscapes.

1. Highway M-18 “Kola”

Route P-21 (M-18) “Cola” has its origins in St. Petersburg, and stretches to the village Borisoglebskiy on the border with Norway. The further north you go the road, the more beautiful becomes the landscape around: boreal forest of pine and fir trees are gradually replaced by forest-tundra, there is a set of serpentine, passes and lakes of glacial origin. And in front of all the sharper and sharper silhouetted in haze Khibiny Mountains.

2. Karelia. The road A-135

The road A-135 Kem – Kalevala – Lonka begins in the town of Kemi, located at the shores of the White Sea, and ends at the checkpoint on the Russian-Finnish border. Dirt road sections with a “blind” corners, unexpected slides, behind which absolutely can not see oncoming traffic and a lot more you can forgive this road, just by looking at the views of the forest thickets and lakes.

3. Kalmykia. Road Volgograd – Elista – Stavropol

Better look at this line in the spring: April – May barren steppe, lying on the sides of the track (to be honest, sometimes it is in a terrible condition), transforms before our eyes and hits a riot of colors. Fantastic colors carpet of grass fills the air with the scent of countless flowering tulips.

4. Western Caucasus. Route A-147

Federal highway M-27 Dzhubga – Adler is one of the most beautiful roads in our country. The closer to the sea, the more offers picturesque views of the mountains, serpentine, vineyards, beaches and other landscapes of the Krasnodar Territory.

5. Georgian Military Road A-161

“Dear Heavenly Gorges’, completed in the late 18th century, played a major role in the development of economic relations between Russia and Transcaucasia. She goes through the Main Caucasian ridge and connects Vladikavkaz in North Ossetia with the capital and the largest city of Georgia – Tbilisi. The road passes through numerous mountain passes and suddenly descends steeply into the gorge of the river Aragvi. On the entire length of the track there are Georgian churches, fortresses and watchtowers.

6. Kabradino-Balkaria. Route A-158

The road A-158 “Baksan – Elbrus“, if you  haven’t been here -you’ll get a lot of new experiences. Kabardinian route crosses the valley and passes through a narrow gorge Baksan. Then, overcoming the rise of almost 2.5 thousand meters, you will find yourself almost at the foot of the famous volcano Mount Elbrus.

7. Northern Urals. Serov tract

Rolling through wooded Ural mountains, paving the way between the rivers and swamps, Serov tract seeks from Yekaterinburg to north, to the city of Serov. Before Nizhny Tagil tract consists of two separate one-way road traffic. Sometimes they they diverge relatively far from each other, separated by mountains and forests, and under Tagil finally converge in a narrow track.

8. Mountain Altai. Highway M-52

Chuiski tract is the main transport artery of the Altai and at the same time one of Russia’s most beautiful roads. The path runs right through the entire mountain Altai, showing local scenery in all its splendor. Road creeps away to the border with Mongolia and, gradually, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountain peaks give way to desert boundless steppes, breathtaking…

9. Khakassia. Highway M-54

Site of a line of the M-54 Abakan, Khakassia republic’s capital, to Kyzyl and further to the Mongolian border known as the historic name Usinsk tract. The road runs through the pristine wild, virtually untouched by man Sayan mountains, sometimes going down in almost bare steppe. Stunning contrast!

10. Kamchatka. The road Petropavlovsk – Ust-Kamchatsk

The Kamchatka Peninsula – a unique area on the map of Russia. It is an area of modern volcanism, there are 30 active volcanoes and about 300 extinct. Unfortunately, the most picturesque places in Kamchatka is very difficult to get because of the almost complete absence of roads. Main Kamchatka route length of 600 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Ust-Kamchatsk passes near Kluchevskoy – the highest volcano in Eurasia (4750 m).

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